Nick Ostrovsky

Just another full-stack web developer with not enough time on his hands.

Enjoying beautiful scenery of Phuket, Thailand with wife and two daughters. Loves crafting solutions with latest technologies.

Check some of the recent projects below.


HeadStart Phuket

HeadStart is one of the leading International Schools in Phuket.

Made a new branding for them, website is coming up next...



Inpos is aiming at becomming the best solution for stores.

Powering one of the biggest russian pharmacy chain with more than a thousand outlets.



We make business software and custom application.

Made them a site and working on INPOS together.



What if a tiny pet hatched on your phone? If it loved you, would you love it back?

Friends at Impending needed some help with email.

Hatch in App Store


Radium is the best online internet radio app for Mac and iOS.

So I was glad to help friends at Catpig Studios with the site.

Moloko Property Phuket

Moloko Phuket

Website solution for one one of the leading real-estate agenciesin Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket Real Estate

Недвижимость Пхукета

jQuery Keyboard Navigation plugin

jQuery Keyboard Navigation plugin

Navigate link matrix from keyboard

This plugin allows you to navigate a set of links layed out in a matrix from keyboard.

Try jQuery.Keynav

Phuket Russian School

Phuket Russian School

Language Center For Expat Children

Helped with the site for the language school aimed to help expat children to learn their native language.

The House Project

The House Project

Easy to use property websites are forming the network.

Expanding the success of PhuketRentHouse/PhuketBuyHouse, now we have launched Real-Estate directories for Ko Samui, Krabi and Pattaya in Thailand, and also for Bali, Indonesia.

The websites are built on the same solid foundation that have proven itself powering Phuket property websites.

TextMate Missing Bundle

Textmate Missing Bundle

Ever felt like something is missing in Textmate?

We too, so here is The Missing Bundle for TextMate

Forked from Motion Commands expanded and re-written.

Now includes the following functionality:

  • Put cursor at the beginning ofcode even in long lines with Cmd+Opt+←
  • Cleans whitespace on save Cmd+S
  • Delete the current line with Cmd+Opt+Del
  • Delete entire current word with Opt+Del

Download Texmate Missing Bundle on GitHub

Imagevue Online flash image gallery for your site.


An online image gallery for your site.

It is easy to set up, and to update your photo gallery with new images,all you need to do is upload the photos to your web server - Everythingelse is automatic!

Check the new Imagevue website just launched!

Dear Apple...

Dear Apple...

Public reminder of glaring bugs in Apple products

Dear Apple. Thank you for your wonderful products. But could you fix some bugs in your Mac OS, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, iPods and other stuff please?

More Active!

More Active!

Activity tracker for your company.

Mer Aktiv means More Active in norwegian. With our friends from Bonefish.nowe are proud to present this sports/activity tracker for companies.It helps to movivate people stay active and fit.

Are you active enough?

Every developer's ultimate chat tool.

Want to discuss working matters together or just chat with your friendsright now, without installing anything? Just add newly created chat roomas an usual contact in your favorite Instant Messenger with support forGtalk/Jabber: Google Talk, Miranda, Adium, Kopete, etc.

Text2Link Safari Extension

Text2Link Safari Extension

This simple extension allows you to double-click links written in plain text to open them.

Based on the idea of a similar a.normal href="" Firefox pluginthis functionality is now available for Safari.
Now you can double-click on plain text like:http://firedev.comto have it opened like it was a link!

Download Text2Link Safari Extension

Phuket Rent House

Phuket Buy House Phuket Rent House

Easy to use property rental sites. is the biggest free listing listing of villas, bungalows, houses,and other property for rent on a beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. is it's brother site aimed to help property buyers and sellers to meet each other.

Phuket Buy House Phuket Rent House


Gipsy Team

The leading Russian Poker website.

Featuring blogs of the top Russian players along with poker news, strategyarticles, live reports, poker videos and more. Currently attracting 13000visitors daily. Rakeback programs are available for virtually every majorpoker room.


SizeUp and Cinch

Among our own project we had a chance to participate in creation of somegreat products by our friends at Irradiated Software.

SizeUp is the missing window manager for Mac OS which allows you to quicklyposition a window to fill exactly half or a quarter of the screen via system-wideshortcuts. Cinch is an implementation of Windows 7's AeroSnap feature forMac OS X

GridPapr Online design collaboration tool


Online design collaboration tool.

You can use gridpapr as a quick way to organize the layout of a webpage,publication, or any other design that requires a layout structure. Gridpaprallows online collaboration, and sharing of documents and ideas.

Indexr The smallest footprint fancy directory lister with thumbnails.


The smallest footprint fancy directory lister with thumbnails.

You can use Indexr to quickly set up small gallery, or to put files forclients online. Not only it lists files in folder, but also creates thumbnailsfor images and shows some additional info. If you need a pretty directorylisting with thumbnails right away, get indexr.

Giftsmap Easy to use online wishlist service.


Online wishlist service.

Once signed up, you can create wishlists and share them with friends.Also keeps track on important dates and events.