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17 Oct 2015

Functional Service Objects on Rails

An excellent talk “Blending Functional and OO Programming in Ruby” given by Piotr Solnica on Full Stack Fest 2015 made me think about improving current practices. I have tried different ways of organizing my service objects and here is what I came up with.

10 Oct 2015

Making Bottomless Hash Ruby Gem

After creating Bottomless Hash last time and writing tests the next logical step is to make a Gem out of it.

07 Oct 2015

Bottomless Ruby Hash

The other day somebody asked if there is a way to blindly assign nested values to Ruby Hash without creating each key. Turns out there is, and it has an interesting side-effect. Welcome Bottomless Hash.

08 Jun 2015

Getting functional in Ruby

Lately I am working on an old code base and that means working with the old CSS. One of the techniques to use when refactoring CSS is to replace colors with variables. But first you need to find and catalogue all the colors in the project.