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16 Feb 2016

Sane Breakpoints

I see different approaches to breakpoints and responsive design. Most of the time they are over-complicated and only making things worse. So here’s mine suggestion for device breakpoints that are in touch with reality.

24 Jan 2016

Atomic Icons

Once in a while comes a moment when you decide to change an icon set you have been using. Just a bit of upfront planning goes a long way. Consider a system that turns icons into independent components.

22 Dec 2015

Immutable CSS

This is extracted from the Github issue created to discuss the approach with my team. Please bear with me if I refer to something that wasn’t mentioned in the text.

10 Jun 2015

nanogrid: Fluid responsive CSS grid with gutters

Inspired by Ungrid and BASSCSS I have decided to build on top of their shoulders. Welcome the nanogrid.